Meeting Minutes - 11/24/2020

Jourdanton Rotary 4 Way Test of the things we think, say or do…  

  1. Is it the truth?  2.  Is it fair to all concerned?  

3.  Will it build good will and better friendships?   4.  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?  

Rotary Minutes  

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November 24, 2020  


Meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by Michele Higginbotham at First Commercial Bank in Jourdanton.  The blessing was offered by Tommy Hairston followed by the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States and Texas flags and the Four Way Test.  Benita mentioned that the bank is buying a Texas flag for the board room. 


11 members present  

Guest(s) present: N/A  


Treasurer’s Report:  


  • FYI—Lunch total amount was $110. Only 10 members ate so 9 members were assessed $10 and Michele took on the remaining $20 so that the bank didn’t have to this time. Michele reimbursed Benita the $110 as payment for the meal and would ask that Conrad credit her account in lieu of reimbursement. 

  • Approval of November 17, 2020 minutes passed unanimously.  
  • Amendment proposals to RI regarding the membership resignation process and adding an associate membership were voted on and approved by all members present. Bill mentioned this could be a new membership opportunity for our club if passed. We will definitely keep in mind and explore it going forward. Michele will submit our votes to the district. 
  • Merry on Main/Wonderland Tree Decorating – we will decorate a tree again this year at the Pleasanton River Park on December 2nd at 4:30 pm.  Correction...Benita submitted the $25.00 entry fee.  Monica and Benita have the decorations/lights. Michele has the tree. All are encouraged to come help!
  • Ronnie helped Michele with writing an intro to an article for the Pleasanton Express in regards to the 75th Birthday Party of the Rotary and the founding fathers, but Michele still needs to complete it. 
  • Michele contacted Tim about the Bikes4Kids this year.  We will postpone until the summer and hopefully run alongside American Pride Day if that happens. Jack will keep us in the loop as things develop. 
  • The Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce has graciously relinquished this year’s Santa event to the Jourdanton VFD. They will host the lighting at the south entrance to the courthouse around 6:00 pm with Santa on top of the fire truck then have a parade running north and south across Highway 97 starting on Campbell Ave proceeding eastward to Brown, Simmons, Cantrell and Waltom Avenues. Michele will submit to the paper and be in contact with Greg Simmons, Jeff Rankin, Santa and Mrs. Claus regarding details. 
  • RYLA weekend is being delayed. Monica and Michele will proceed with the selection process for two juniors based on previous service/leadership experience. More details to follow.
  • Tommy coordinated an opportunity for our club to advertise on 102.3 to promote our scholarship. All approved the $200 expense. Conrad and Tommy took care of payment.
  • Happy 50th Birthday Kevin!!

  • From this point forward, pleaseuntil further notice, each member NOT planning to attend the next meeting must email Benita Muckleroy your regrets by Friday the week before that meeting.  We now order food to be delivered to the FCB and this will assist Benita in getting an accurate count for the meal.  Email Benita at  





Next Meeting:    Meetings will be held at the First Commercial Bank  


Program Schedule:                                                                                           Cutter:  N/A no cards available 

December 8th  

Jourdanton Jr. High NHS  






Meeting adjourned.