Meeting Minutes - 9/13/2022

Rotary 4 Way Test of the things we think, say or do… 

  1. Is it the truth?  2.  Is it fair to all concerned?  
    3.  Will it build good will and better friendships?   4.  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?   

     Jourdanton Rotary Minutes   

    PO Box 454    

    September 13, 2022 

    Meeting was called to order by Michele Higginbotham at FCB in Jourdanton.  The blessing was offered by Tommy Hairston followed by the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States and Texas flags and the Four Way Test.   

    18 members present    

    Guest present: Jessica Tom, Ron  

                Treasury Report:  N/A 

    Old Business: 
  • Ronnie made a motion to approve the September 6, 2022 meeting minutes as presented.  Joyce seconded and motion passed unanimously. 
  • Interact met at the Senior Citizens building, 30 students were present and voted for their projects to clean up and meet at the Senior Citizens Center.  Lois and Jeanette were at the meeting as well to share info about the history of the building.  The club established several committees and are working on service projects. 

New Business: 

  • Jessica Tom will wear the Jourdanton jersey as the Indians beat the Eagles in 5 OT’s Friday night. 
  • Next Tuesday, the 20th we will deliver Dictionaries and US Constitutions at JISD after the noon meeting.  Anyone able to go to Charlotte afterward, please be prepared to do so. 
  • Theresa will retire from JISD this December. 
  • National Night Out – October 4th we will participate.  Interact will also participate.  Theme is Wild West! 
  • Parmesan Dinner for Homecoming.  We will be able to help serve the meals this year.  September 13th we will need the count.  Will bring homemade baked goods.  Serving from 5:00 to 6:30.  Be there from 4:30 to 4:45. Need your counts for the plates. 
  • JEF Concert in The Park is September 24th.  There are only 5 VIP tables left for sale online. 
  • St. Matthew’s Catholic Church Picnic on Sunday, September 25th.   
  • Thank you for lunch, John. 

Program:  Bill Schuchman – shared the process of writing a book.  Great job Bill, thank you for your service!!!  Sandy and Doc won the books. 

Cutter:  Bill 

Next Meeting:    Next Regular Meeting will be held at the First Commercial Bank on September 20, 2022. 

                                                Program:         Ying             

                                                Meal:               Ronnie 


Meeting adjourned at 12:59 PM. 




Theresa McAllister